Men’s Step Team: “Priest Hood”

JUMP’s Men’s Step Team was birthed in June 2006 with the direction of Dr. Hepburn who saw the gift of dance in a few men and called it out.  The group assembled together, began to choreograph routines and spent many days practicing until they became one of the most powerful steps teams ever seen. Their fusion of biblical messages, passionate movements, and candid transparency dominate atmospheres and breaks yokes with every step, shout and kick. Led by Wayne Smith the step team has transformed into a group of skilled ministers who not only dance, or step but minister with their heart and soul as if it were there last time and last opportunity to save souls. To understand the impact of the anointing on this team, it has to be witnessed.  Watch this video to see them in action!  For further info call us at 407.242.2351, contact us through our contact page or email us directly at