Prophetic Dance (liturgical)

Our prophetic dance team are women who have proven faithful and fearless.  Combatting and overcoming their own fears and insecurities, they minister to songs that give God glory in such a way that it is undeniable that His presence is in the room when they dance.  The groups practice weekly, and come up with new routines for special events, travel with the ministry as God calls us to global endeavors and rise to any occasion with excellence and discipline. They have dance at the United Nations In New York and have been featured in the Bahamas on the stage of the Global Foodfest and ministered with complete excellence to an audience of thousands of people.  Consisting of young girls and ladies of all ages, this prophetic team at a glance only is already a story of triumph and evidence that “(we) can do all things through Christ which strengthened (us).” Philippians 4:13.   Watching ministers like Katherine Kalish who once struggled with insecurities so deeply rooted that she would barely speak, now minister in strength and power is a banner of victory that gives God glory every times she ministers. Stories like Katherine’s abound in the prophetic dance team and as the team continues to grow the opportunities grow as they will be traveling globally! There is also a dance team for the little girls headed by Anastasia Eason. Ana is a trained dancer who invests her skills into these little ones weekly and helps them minister at events.  If you would like more information on any of  the dance teams at JUMP please call us at 407.242.2351, contact us through our contact page or email us directly at . “A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.” Proverbs 18:16