“We Need a Light in the Midst of Darkness”
The Light is Within Reach
The headlines are too many to count – all with a common theme:
multiple shootings; multiple assaults; suspects at large; two found
dead; and local cops fired upon. Less than two weeks ago, a
young man was fatally shot; literally gunned down at the corner of
Paramore and Washington. He leaves behind his beautiful children
and devastated family to grieve. Dr. Durone Hepburn of J.U.M.P.
Ministries Global Church officiated at this young man’s funeral. The
familiar zip codes of the “high crime” areas are no longer exclusive.
The gap between incomes may continue to widen, but the criminal
element continues to cross zip codes from the destitute to the wealthy.
What happened to concepts
like community and
neighborhood? How is
it that “men” are facing life
sentences for crimes such as
burglary and murder while
they remain in their teens?
The streets of Central Orlando
are viewed as dangerous, uninviting, families do live within Central Orlando, WITH their children.
J.U.M.P. Ministries Global Church (J.M.G.C.) is a ministry that
remains truly committed to the community. This ministry remains in
the epicenter of the largest high crime area in Orlando. This ministry
serves as an oasis for the people who call this desert of criminal
activity their home. The turmoil that surrounds us needs to be offset
by positivity and unity. Dr. Durone Hepburn; his wife Phuong; and
the members of J.M.G.C.
push forward to
gather the community
TOGETHER, despite the
malicious and senseless
murders, drive-by
shootings, prostitution,
robberies, and druginfested
J.U.M.P. Ministries is preparing to host its ninth annual Food
Festival, a time for celebration of life! This event has always been
held in the middle of central Orlando – the corner of John Young
Parkway and Colonial Drive. Making a difference must go beyond
sound bites and slogans during election campaigns. Making a
difference requires making a sacrifice and demonstrating that ALL
communities deserve to thrive without fear. J.U.M.P. Ministries invites
communities to come together; embrace one another; fellowship;
and bond. From this flows the true purpose and goal of the Orlando
Global Food Fests: building the inner man and changing destructive
mindsets to ultimately change destructive behaviors.
For the past four years, through numerous Orlando Global
Food Festivals, the ministry has offered this FREE EVENT
which features native dishes prepared by the members of J.U.M.P.
Ministries. This community celebration focuses on life and hope.
Attendees are able to experience cuisine from countries they
may never visit. Attendees are able to pick out free clothes and
shoes for their children that they may not be able to purchase.
provided for children
and adults. Attendees
are able to receive
attention and genuine
love that they may
not receive at home
or anywhere else.
Attendees are able to
witness and experience
LIGHT and LIFE in the midst of darkness while often being the
subjects of the prevailing desolate headlines.
We want YOU to be a part of this spectacular community dinner and
celebration. It is time for all of us to roll up our sleeves to be change
agents, here and now. This event is open to everyone who comes. It
is free, but VIP tickets can be purchased to help offset the costs. One
ticket is $15.00 and two tickets can be purchased for the discounted
price of $25.00. The VIP tickets include reserved seating, courtesy
service, and entry into surprise giveaways! Attendees with winning
tickets have walked away with CARS, VACATION PACKAGES TO
This event allows THOUSANDS to eat for free. We invite you to be a
part of something that is good and beneficial to others. No contribution
is too small. Make an investment much like our Beloved Mama Della
did as coordinator of this event until she went home with the Lord
on February 12, 2016, after a long battle with cancer. She was in
love with serving others and did so – even while often experiencing
pain. We want to honor her during this Food Fest and celebrate her
investment into what is important – our future as a community.
Join us for a day of Family Fun, Delicious Cuisine,
and Fellowship – for FREE!
Sunday, April 3, 2016
4:30 PM
J.U.M.P. Ministries will feature internationally renowned Christian artists:
Lyrically Blessed and Christian Massive
Inviting all
V e n d o r s !
Reserve a
vendor table for
a donation of
$500.00 to
help support
our continuous
outreach efforts!! We want to see you there and to see your business
expand!! For more information, please contact us at (407) 242-2350,
or forward your company’s name, contact person/information,
and products you intend to sale to info@jumpministries.org.
Space is Limited!
Corporate sponsors are encouraged and invited to help support this
event now and in the future. Your generous gift (of any amount)
enables J.M.G.C. Community Outreach Program to reach people
from diverse
cultures and
communities and
meet their
needs. J.U.M.P.
M i n i s t r i e s
Global Church
is a 501(c)(3)
and all contributions are tax deductible. Please call (407) 242-2350
with your donation.